Monday, August 29, 2011

Moments of Sanity

As I drove to Grandma's tonight, I thought to myself 'Grandma will never be the same'. She will always have this sense of paranoia. BUT after thinking I was coming to see Dementia Grandma, I was pleasantly surprised to find Normal Grandma.

Daddy had already warned me that she had lost her teeth. I knew coming in that I was going to have to go on another scavenger hunt. When, I got here, Grandma was no where to be found. The doors were unlocked. Her chair was on the front porch and her laundry room door was open. I went into the house looking and calling her name. I was a little worried when I couldn't find her. Then I went back outside and found her putting up her chair. Once again, Ninja Grandma sneaked up on me. I asked her where she had been. She said she had sat out there for awhile and saw the neighbor had left their light on in their car. She marched herself right over there and was going to tell them to turn it off before they ran their battery down. Lord, Grandma you can't be doing that in this day or time.

When she returned and saw that I was there, naturally she ordered me to go over there and tell them. "Go on, Carole Anne. I will watch you and make sure you don't get taken." Of course, my heart melted. My old Grandma standing there watching me cross the street once again like when I was a little girl.

I went and knocked on the door and no one answered. I turned and she was still standing there watching. I yelled "No one is home, Grandma." Her reply was, "Well, come on back and watch for cars. I don't want to explain to your daddy that I let you get ran over.". Once again, my heart literally melted right there in the driveway. These were things she said to me when I was running around her house and in her yard growing up. So, the little girl in me picked up her heart and marched back to Grandma's house.

Then the hunt begin. Grandma begin to tell me how sorry she was for losing her teeth. I said it was ok. (I really am beginning to believe that she loses them so I will come over.) I checked all the old hiding spaces. I started pulling cans out of the pantry. It didn't take me long to find something that she normally puts her teeth in every night. I found the new set of teeth that she lost several weeks ago. I have no clue where she hid the old set of teeth. Oh well, we will just keep going back and forth. The way Grandma moves things around her house, she will eventually find them and hide them somewhere so I can find them. I would really like to have both sets at once sometime in the future.

Before she started getting ready for bed, I asked her to let me see where she was going to hide them so that just the two of us would know where they are. She agreed. I got the courage up to ask her if she would let me hide them. She turned and handed them to me and said "Now that is a good plan, because that man looks in my room for them." So, guess who is sleeping with Grandma's teeth. She has already been in here three times making sure I still have them right beside me.

She had a moment in the kitchen earlier tonight. She picked up the phone to call my Grandpa and realized for the first time on her own that he was gone and not coming back. I'm not saying she is getting better, but today was a good day. We had a moment of sanity! :)

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