Monday, July 15, 2013

Making Babies!

I'm going to try to keep this G rated.  As the Dementia gets worse, Grandma starts to regress in years.  She may look every bit of 87 years of age, but in her mind, I think she believes she is in her 20's.  When you are young and full of spirit, many have their mind set on relations with the opposite sex.  My husband constantly informs my girls that all boys think about is being with girls.  He thinks he is an expert on how boys think.  Grandma evidently is convinced that this is true of anyone that stays at her house.

Tonight, Grandma informed me about some girls that have been staying in her house.  They like to sneak out at night and get with those boys.  They are forbidden to be with those boys.  All they want to do is have babies!  I guess I didn't learn my lesson from last night.  My curiosity really got the best of me and I had to know what she was thinking.

She said "My sisters and their friends just use me as a cover!  They come over here and tell their momma that they are spending the night and then they get with those boys!"

Me:  "What do they do with those boys?"

Grandma:  "You know....make babies!  Just makes me sick thinking about all the babies!"

By this time....I am about to bust a gut.

Me:  "What do you mean, grandma?"

Grandma:  "I don't have no time to be taking care of no babies!  They need to go on and take their business else where!"

Me:  "Well, who do you think is making these babies?"

Grandma:  "Everybody that comes over here thinks they need to go make babies!  This is just silliness!"

Me:  "Grandma, I promise I am not making any babies!"

Grandma:  "Well, I hope not. You would just need a good spanking for that!"

And with that statement...she went to bed.  

So, if you stay at Grandma's house, try not to make babies.  She don't need no babies and would prefer you take your business elsewhere!  Priceless!

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