Friday, February 6, 2015


Lots of things are going on with Grandma.  She is harder to handle these days.  It pretty much takes 3 people to keep up with her every day.  Mom watches her during the day. Dad takes care of her at night. I keep an eye on the cameras when I am not doing a million other things.  We also get text from the many cameras in her house.  The messages come to our phone when she has passed them on the carport.  We have resorted to signs in her house. The signs tell her where she is, who she is, and what to do and not do.  We have one on the door that states: "DO NOT LEAVE. GARY IS ON HIS WAY!"  Does this work?  Sometimes.

She just turned 90 this past week.  My mom told her how old she was.  Grandma just laughed.  I told her tonight that she was 90 and cranky.  In return, she told me that I was a selfish little lady who had no business at her house. She had a few other words but I am trying to keep this G rated.

She has been talking in her sleep tonight.  Hollering and carrying on about how someone is outside and I need to get up and go find out why they are in the yard.  I told her to go to bed and forget it.  I say this with a small amount of curiosity.    The last time she told me to go tell the neighbors to shut up, they were robbed in the middle of the night.  I am still not sure if it was during the time she was fussing about them, but to say the least, she knows when things are going on in the neighborhood.

We still play 20 questions every two minutes with her.  She will ask for my name, kid's name and age, my husband, where do I live, and why am I here?  I answer every question every time.  Then, she wants to know where I got my rings.  She still believes they are hers and "that girl" stole them from her.  I have to remind her these rings are mine and my husband gave them to me.

A couple of funny incidents have happened since my last post.  I clean her house and help with washing her clothes.  She will go weeks in the same outfit and no one can get her to change.  Well, one weekend, I was cleaning and I told her to change clothes.  She was reluctant.  So, I washed some clothes and had a nice warm robe ready for her.  I told her to change into the nice robe.  Standing in the dining room, she removed her dress and changed into the robe.  There I was with a naked grandma in the dining room. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I WILL EVER FORGET!  I AM SCARRED FOR LIFE!

I told her one night, I was coming to stay with her.  She was excited.  I got to her house and put up her teeth.  When I came out of the bathroom, she started taking off her clothes. She planned on sleeping in the bedroom with me.....TOTALLY NAKED!  I was like "NO WAY, JOSEA!"  I told her to put her robe right back on and march herself into her room.  She mumbled all the way back to her room.

So, here I am tonight with her once again in a bad mood.  She wanted to know why my dad couldn't stay with her.  I told her that she was stuck with me.  She then starts making the bed and getting pillows.  I thought she was making the bed for me until I realized, she was planning on sleeping with me.  I told her to go to bed.  She started mumbling "stupid, selfish (insert bad word here)."  It is all I can do to not laugh really loud and upset her.  So, I bite my tongue and tell her to go to bed.  She wanted to know why do I get to sleep with the men and she can't?  I wanted to tell her because "I am stupid and selfish!"

Four hours later, she is upset about her rings.  She is convinced a girl stole them.  I am that girl.  Grandma came in and said "Carole Anne, are you staying with me tonight?"


"If you see that girl with my rings, GET HER!"


She came back a few minutes later.  "You seen the girl with my rings?"

"I don't have your rings."

"Did I say you did?  I said the girl has my rings."

"No one has your rings.  Go to bed."

Grandma "You selfish, silly girl. You think everything is about you! Well, it ain't!"

Good to know!