Friday, July 26, 2013

If I had a hammer...

Cleaned the back bedroom and found all my "weapons" to fight critters and the guy trying to steal Grandma's false teeth.

Bring it!  I'm all tooled up and can knock anything out!  In addition, I have one crazy Grandma who doesn't have time for silliness!  You just got to love her!  Cause, I sure do!  

I did have a special moment with her this morning.  After she kept me up until 3:30, she came in around 8:00 am looking for her teeth.  We have been fighting every night about how she is perfectly capable of taking care of her teeth.  She wouldn't let me hide them but I watched her last night hide them in the kitchen. She thanked me when I retrieved them for her.  Then she called me by name without any prompting.  Last but not least, she thanked me for taking such good care of her.  She knows her mind is all mixed up but she truly loves me and appreciates all I do for her.  That was one of those rare moments that I cherish!  They are starting to get few and far between, but it is enough to remind me of why I help my dad.  She is family and family take care of each other!  No matter how hard or trying.  Oh!  And she hugged me at least 3 times like old times!  I knew it was a real Grandma hug and not the Dementia.


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