Front row from left to right:  Brendan, and Emma
2nd row:  Grandpa, Jade, Grandma, and Molly
3rd row:  Jayce, Ethan, Aidan, and Samuel
Back row: Collin, Shelby, Owen, and Kiley

Emma, Ashley with Edison, Grandma and Molly

Edison and Carole Anne (Me)

Grinning to see the pretty white teeth!

Grandma got cold at the Dentist

Grandma's Security System

Christmas Memories

Grandpa's McDonald's Discount Card from 1984

Taking a Nap at Sara's House

Crazy article tucked inside Grandma's bible.  HMMM?

Grandma chowing down at Crackerbarrel

Dr. Scholl's from 1974.  This stuff is as old as I am.

Molly, Shelby, Kiley and Grandpa in 2009

Shelby, Molly, Kiley with Grandma in 2009

The Gary Casteel Clan with Grandma and Grandpa at the Family Reunion (Special Memories)

Front Row:  Carla, Carole Anne, Sara  Back Row:  Gary, Grandpa and Grandma

Grandma telling me to stop taking pictures.

Emma and Grandma

Grandma checking out the old people in the dentist office.  LOL

Sara not ready for a visit

Grandma about to give Emma a sweet hug.


He slept the entire time we were there.

Grandma and Carole Anne (age 1)

Making sure they have her name on them.

Elvis at the dentist office

Tired and ready to go home.

Uncle Brent helping Grandma to the car

Just before she threw the cup out the window!!!!

Rocking chair she wanted so badly.

Aunt Ruby and Grandma's house

Grandma and Carole Anne August 2011

Holland, Aunt Ruby's husband

The Christmas picture.... no one wanted to participate and wear goofy clothes.  Grandma picked the clothes for all of us and insisted we wear them.  LOL