Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Big NO NO

Grandma and I in front of her house.
When I was a little girl and I came to visit my grandparents, we were allowed to play in the back bedrooms of Grandma's house, but we weren't allowed to dig through her drawers in the dresser or touch any of her powder -- Grandma had a fascination with Avon Powder. She did have dolls for us to play with and yearbooks for us to read.

Grandkids dressed in our Christmas
 outfits for grandma's formal
I remember we would pile up in the hall closet and shut the door with flashlights and make fun of our dad in the yearbook. We weren't allowed in the back room until Uncle Brent got married and moved out. There were lots of drawers and stuff to go through in that room. We found lots of cool stuff! We found my dad's old report cards. We found cough drops in every drawer, keys to everything, lotion, sewing supplies, and lots of school pictures. Just as we would get to the good stuff, we would get caught and have to go outside. Going through Grandma's stuff was a big NO NO!!!

Tonight, I felt like that little granddaughter again going through Grandma's dressers. I went through her dressers, closets, and and every last drawer looking for teeth, glasses, and rings. And......I got caught!!! Lol

Grandma walked in the bedroom looking for "the girl" (that would be me). She walked in the bedroom and said, "Is the girl in here?" Fortunately for me, I was in the bathroom and she couldn't see me in the cabinet! I quickly answered.... feeling so guilty!!!! She just wanted to know if my husband was coming... what's his name! Lol. I said no that he was staying with our girls. I couldn't believed she remembered that I was married. So, we went through all the questions that usually follow every conversation I have with her. You have kids? How many? What is their name? Do I know them? How old? And that I should bring them over for a visit. I usually just answer the questions and agree to bring them real soon. Sometimes, the questions will start back over and I will answer them all three or four times.

Dementia plays so many crazy games with my grandmother's mind. One minute she is normal, and the next second she forgets everything. I feel like I am in that movie 50 First Dates with 10 second Tom, only I have 30 minute Lucille!

So, I'm here for the night and she has already come to look in on me three times. Probably making sure I'm not going through her stuff. I did find an old can of Dr. Scholl's foot powder and all my gear for protection. Doors are all locked. Chairs are all in place!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for her. New Teeth! Definitely will blog about the dentist and how she handles it. Then we will have five hours before we go back and get her teeth. What do you do for five hours with your grandma with dementia? Check tomorrow night's blog and find out our entire adventure!!!!

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