Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Night..Another Pair of Teeth!!!!

So, I'm at Grandma's house helping her find her teeth.  I wish I could get a GPS chip in those teeth!!!!

Dad tried to find her teeth last night.  He found another pair of Grandpa's teeth.  OMG!!!  How many pairs of teeth do people keep when they have false teeth?  Now, Dad has a pair of Grandpa's teeth in his truck, and I have a pair in my car in a Dora the Explorer bowl.

I have turned this house upside down!!!!  NO TEETH!  We are now missing two pairs of teeth and Grandma has informed me that she will pick the dentist if she decides to get another pair.  She wants to wait awhile before we get another pair to see if the other ones appear.  I totally agree Grandma, because $500 is a lot to pay for you to lose another pair.

One cool thing happened tonight while we were looking for her teeth.  Grandma found a letter from Holland to my Aunt Ruby while he was in the war.  She read the entire letter.  I tried to get it to read and share, but she heard me open the drawer where it is.  I will try in the morning and see if I can find it. 

In the meantime, we have two pairs of teeth.  Dad wanted to know if Goodwill would take them.  I decided to do a little research on what people do with their old teeth.  Old teeth can actually be useful for many things.  There is a dental place in Japan that takes false teeth. I can donate them to a local dental school.  I can give them to an art teacher.  The art teacher, that works with me, just might find a way to use them in class.  Someone suggested online to put them in a fish bowl and let a nice fish have a house.  Hmmm, we do have a beta fish that would love to have a place to hide.  I wonder what a hamster would do with a pair of teeth.  Another person suggested that you create a night light with them or a cover for a bottle opener.  Not sure if I would want someones old teeth as a bottle opener.  And how often do I need a bottle opener?  Never.

Well, so many ideas to sleep on tonight and decide what to do.  Oh, and my cousin is working on the weekends and Grandma seems to be OK with her staying.  Grandma does constantly tell me that she wish the menfolk would hurry up and come back.  It bothers her that a girl is here and not a man.  I showed her my weapons and the bat I have to protect us.  She seemed to handle that response! 

She has come in twice looking for the other people that are going to spend the night.  Not sure who she is waiting on to come over but I told her that I am it for the night.  Sleep tight everyone!

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