Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Quiet Night

So, my oldest daughter had to come to town to practice.  I decided to stay with Grandma and give Dad a break.  So, far Grandma has checked on my twice.  The first time to see who was in here.  You could tell she was tired and I told her to go back to bed.  She couldn't understand why Ellis (My grandpa wasn't coming home)  I corrected her and told her she was talking about Gary.  She was half asleep in a state of confusion.

Later, she came in and said that we were the only ones here.  I told her that I was going to finish my work and then go to bed.  She seemed to understand and then said..oh, your a teacher.  I said yes grandma.  The more time I spend with her the more she remembers about me.  I get excited each time she remembers something about me.  I know in my mind that she will never be my grandma that I grew up with but it makes my heart  hopeful.  And then I have to realize it is God's way of blessing me with these precious seconds of her remembering one little thing about me.  May seem small but it is a big step in my eyes.

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