Friday, September 2, 2011

Who Do You Belong To?

I have never thought about anyone needing more than one pair of teeth.  Simply for the fact that I don't wear false teeth.  Evidently, you need more than one pair.  Grandpa had two pair and possibly, grandma had two pair.  Not until grandma started losing them, did I realize that two pair are a good idea.

Grandma and I have gone round and round for the last month over her teeth.  I have finally convinced her to give them to me or Daddy to keep each night.  So far, she has cooperated and we have kept up with her teeth all week.  If we make it through tonight, then she will have them for the family reunion.

In the mean time, I still have the extra pair of teeth, and I got the extra pair from Daddy.  Both pairs are in the Dora Explorer Bowl.  I talked to the art teacher and she thinks they would be interesting to draw in class for her AP Art kids.  So, the teeth have a new home, but before I was going to take them to her, I realized that the pairs of teeth that I have are not the same.  One pair is definitely bigger than the other one.

So, now I have to figure out if the smaller pair is actually grandma's? 

Grandpa's on the left.  Grandma's on the right?
 I'm going to go ahead and give the larger pair to the art program.  This is probably something Grandpa would have liked.  He use to work in the school system back in the day. He was mechanic.  He always loved showing us his picture working on a bus in the yearbook.

So, keeping one pair and getting rid of one.  Just wondering if they don't belong to grandma, then who do they belong too?

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