Sunday, September 4, 2011

WWGD?  What Would Grandma Do?

I went to Grandma's house a little late.  I took my sister to distract Grandma while I looked for her teeth.  The entire time I was trying to think where she would hide them.

Carla did a great job visiting with her.  I heard them talking about her boys and her husband.  Grandma always wants to know if you have kids, what your husband does, and where you live.

I went everywhere looking for her teeth.  I looked under beds, in drawers, in the bathroom, and in every closet that she normally hides them.  I asked "What would Grandma do?" Then it hit me.  She hid them before Daddy got there.  She had to have hid them in his room.  I went to the closet, moved a suitcase, pulled out a pillow and a bedspread....and there they were, still in the cup of water she hid them in the night before.

Grandma is maybe the Best 'Hiding Teeth' Champion, but I'm the Best 'Finding Grandma's Teeth' Champion.  I also found her gold bowl and gold pitcher she has been looking for in her house.  Supposedly, a man ran into her house, grabbed the pitcher, and then ran out.  A little bit later, he ran back in and grabbed the bowl.  She called the cops on the imaginary man last week.  The cops called Daddy, and he told them it wasn't true. So, when I found them in her house, the story changed.  The man apparently returned them and hid them because she called the cops.  If this imaginary man has your other pair of teeth, Grandma, tell him to give them back.

There is a new thing that Grandma is starting to do.  I may have mentioned this in another post.  Dementia causes frustration when Grandma can't remember who people are in pictures around her house.  So the pictures, in her house that frustrate her the most, have ended up in drawers or in the closet.  My sister has said she doesn't want to end up in the closet.  I don't either.  So, grandma better get comfortable with seeing me once a week. And if I find my picture in the closet then I am coming picture that is. Lol

Finally, here we are a month later....1 new pair of teeth in mouth, 1 pair missing, 1 backup pair in my car, and then 1 pair of Grandpa's teeth going to the Art program.  

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