Sunday, September 4, 2011

Visiting Grandpa

After leaving the reunion, we had a change of plans.  Grandma rode with Daddy to take my husband and brother-in-law to the  local airport.  My sister and I took four of the seven kids in my van to Mom's house.

Not to far out of town, we realized we were going to pass the cemetery where Grandpa was buried. We decided to stop and see his grave.  Kiley, my eldest daughter, had the camera and was going to get some pictures.  It was the first time we had been since he died in December.

While we were standing out there, Daddy and Grandma pulled up to see the grave.  They were surprised to see us there.  You could tell it meant a lot to Daddy.  Grandma was just as surprised.

Grandma talked about how Grandpa loved all the kids, which made my girls smile. She talked about what a wonderful husband Grandpa was.  We had a brief moment with our real grandma.

As quickly as the real grandma was there, within seconds she was gone.  As we were leaving she started in on how those teeth didn't fit her, they weren't hers and how someone had hers.  I told her they were a backup pair and not her normal pair.  I had to reassure her that I was coming to her house to find her real ones and I would take the backup pair back home with me. You never know when someone might need a pair of teeth. :)

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