Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Calling Gary

Going to stay with Grandma this weekend.  Here is a quick story to entertain you until the next blog.

Daddy was in bed almost asleep when Grandma came in the room to talk to him.  She told him that they needed to call Gary (Daddy).  She wanted his phone number.  Daddy told her that he was Gary and there was no need to call him.  She started repeating how she really needs his phone number.  So, Daddy gave in and gave her the number.  She left the room and went to the living room.

A few minutes later, Daddy's phone rang.  It was Grandma.  She wanted to know if he was going to come over.  He said that he was there and that he comes over any time she needs him.  Grandma said ok and hung up.

Grandma came back in the room and sat on the bed to talk to Daddy again.  She told him that she had called Gary.  What a surprise!  

She looked at Daddy and said, "Gary said don't worry. He will come over when we need him."

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