Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stranger Danger!

Our annual family reunion is always a time for us to see relatives that we don't get to see on a regular basis.  For a large part, I don't know some of their names.  When you take a person with dementia to a reunion and you don't know anymore than they do, you are in for some fun.

Grandma and I had already been going round and round all morning about her hair.  So, by the time we got to the reunion, I was tired of dealing with her.  She was still aggravated about her hair.  So, I got dad to pick up some pins to finish fixing it.  

We arrived at the park and she was visiting with different ones.  My maternal grandmother, Pidge, was there visiting also.  Grandma and Pidge go way back.  Grandma was so excited to see her.  She moved her chair to be closer to Pidge to be able to visit privately.

Family came and talked to her.  They answered all the usual questions.  Then Pidge told me that she was asking about that strange black man that was hanging around.  I looked around and didn't see anyone.  Pidge said she was referring to my brother-in-law.  Damon is a full blooded Indian.  When he spends a minute in the sun, he walks away with a nice tan.  Pidge said she told Grandma that he was Sara's husband.  Grandma was in disbelief.

I can just hear the conversation between Grandma and Pidge:

Grandma:  You mean to tell me that I am kin to that man.
Pidge:  Yes, that is Sara's husband.
Grandma:  Oh my word! I'm not kin to him.
Pidge:  Yes, he is your grandson-in-law.
Grandma laughing:  Sure, ok.

So, after hearing this story, I went and sat with Damon and told him what was up with Grandma.  We had a big laugh.  Then, we got to watching her talk to Pidge.  We played that game where we pretended to know what they were saying to each other.

Pidge:  He is your grandson-in-law.
Grandma:  What?
Pidge: Sara's husband.  Gary's son-in-law.
Grandma:  No.  I just can't believe that.
Pidge:  Yes
Grandma:  That man over there with Carole Anne is kin to me?
Pidge:  Yes.

Then, she started watching us.  I knew I was in trouble.

Later, she was sitting with Carla and I.  We had to explain to her again who Damon was.  We also told her that he wasn't black, he was an Indian.  She said she needed to talk to Sara.  She also said "Doesn't she (Sara) know that he is a different nationality?"  No, Grandma, she doesn't know he is an Indian.  She has only been married to him for 10 years or so.  LOL

It amazes me how paranoid Grandma can get over things we think nothing about.  Paranoia comes with this disease.  It will slap you in the face with how much your love one will over react.  They don't even realize what they are saying is hurtful and wrong.  You have to remember in these situations the chemicals in their brains are not functioning properly.  Of course, I often forget this with Grandma because she can be so stubborn and argumentative.

Grandma didn't do anything crazy that day, but she kept an eye on Damon.  Although, she didn't see him when he bent down behind her and and I snapped their picture together.  I'm thinking this would be a great 8x10 pic for her dining room.    What a great conversational piece to have when I go visit!

Oh my, Grandma!  You let that strange man come over and get a picture with you!  Oh ok...I won't do it, but I have to have fun with her every once in awhile for all the times she has woke me up in the middle of the night. So, she can ask who I am or who I belong to.  Maybe I can just show her the picture and tell her to leave my hubby alone because she already has a man.  LOL  THAT WOULD BE A RIOT!  Look for me on CNN Next week!

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