Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Need To Go To Dermott

I went by to check on Grandma today.  I found her in the kitchen writing phone numbers.  I said hi and told her I needed to fix something in the bedroom.
She followed me and was naturally curious of what I had to fix.

This was the conversation:

"Do you have a husband?"
"Yes, Grandma"
"Who do you belong to?"
"My son, Gary?"
"Three" This is the routine questions every week.
"Oh my!  How did that happen?"
"Quickly, Grandma."  I was laughing when I said it.

This is when she got serious.
"Carole Anne, I want you to take me to Dermott."
"Because they took my tape player to Dermott and I want to get it."
"Do you even know where the house is in Dermott?"
"No, but we can find it."
"Grandma, we aren't going to Dermott."
"I need that tape player.  I listen to it."
"Grandma, you don't need it."
"I usually keep it under the bed, but they took it."
"Grandma, I'm not going to Dermott."

She left the room and was a little aggravated with me.  I followed a few minutes later and found her on the carport.  I cringed when I saw a few figs on the counter, and quickly checked the dishwasher.  I was expecting to find it full of figs again.   It wasn't.

I went out the door to where she was.  She was walking around dad's car in the driveway.  He keeps it there on the weekend.  She was circling it and looking in the windows.

"I could drive this car if I wanted to go."
"Grandma, you can't drive the car."
"I need to go to Dermott."
"You aren't going to Dermott."
"I need my tape player."
"Ok, Grandma."
"I will figure it out."
"Grandma, I have to go to church.  Don't do anything crazy."
"I won't, honey."
"Ok, good.  Be good and I will see you later."
"Tell Ellis to get home.  We need to go to Dermott."
"You mean Gary?"
"No, Ellis."
"Ellis is dead."
"Oh, yeah. I knew that."

I left when she turned to sat down and read her paper.  I told her bye and waved.  She said for me to come back and see her soon.  I knew as soon as I pulled out of the driveway that she would forget the conversation.  At least, I hoped she would forget going to Dermott.  :)

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