Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Police, Underwear and Grandma

A couple of weeks ago, dad went to Grandma's at the usual time.  Grandma seemed pretty normal. Well, as normal as a woman with dementia can be.  She was a little agitated and had been doing her normal packing all day with pillowcases.  Anyway, he did the usual routine, talked to her, feed her, made sure she didn't get any bills in the mail, and then went to bed.

Dad's room is in the very back of the house, and he usually sleeps with the door shut.  The door is usually shut in order for him to hear Grandma when she enters the hundred times throughout the night.  He has tv and wifi to enjoy and relax. He had probably been relaxing for about 45 minutes when all this happened.

Now,due to the fact that Grandma has called the police so much over the last couple of years, we have it on record that they are to call Daddy immediately if she calls.  This way, the police do not have to make an unnecessary trip.  But on this occasion they didn't call, and he didn't shut the door.

So, Daddy hears something and decides it was nothing.  Before he knew it, a policeman entered his bedroom and wanted to know who he was.  Daddy told him that he was Grandma's son.  He started explaining that Grandma had made up all this in her mind and that she has dementia.  The police had already run his license plate number and checked him out.  Daddy saw three more police at the end of the hall.  They said they didn't recognize the vehicle in the driveway.  (Wow, Grandma is well known with the police in the area.)

Grandma had called the police and told them that a man was in her house.  The dispatcher was new and  did not know to call Daddy.  So, when the call went out, all the police in the area came and blocked off the road and surrounded the house.

Daddy had a lot of explaining to do.  He thanked them for checking it out and assured them that it was only him.  He apologized for the trouble and asked them why didn't they call first.  That is when he found out about the new dispatcher.  It was at this point that he realized that in the excitement, he forgot to put on his pants and shirt.  He was standing there in his underwear!  Daddy pretended that nothing was out of the ordinary.  He grabbed his pants and shirt.  They stepped out and went on their way.  I am sure they got the biggest laugh when they got to the car.  Daddy sure did!

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