Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Puberty? Oh No, Grandma Is In Heat!

I don't think I ever saw Grandma show any type of affection towards Grandpa.  I even remember how Grandpa slept in the back bedroom, and Grandma slept in the front bedroom.  So, it was a big surprise the other night when she started showing her affections towards the opposite husband.

First of all, I was late getting to Grandma's house Friday night.  Dad had gone to take care of her until I arrived.  This totally messed up her night.  She was very upset with Daddy for leaving her in my care and wanted him to stay.  I told her not to worry and we would be fine.  Terry came in later.  Of course, he always talks to her gently and hugs her neck and lets her know that he is family.  She has never questioned him and has always welcomed him into the house.  

We went to bed.  Shelby was with us and went to bed in the middle room.  Grandma was full aware that she had a full house.  She came to the door.  This was not her usual barge in and start hiding everything in sight.  Instead, she knocked gently and asked if anyone wanted to sleep in her room.  I said "No, we were fine."  A little later, she came in and acted like she was trying to cover herself.  I could tell she had on her underwear but not much else.  She started looking around the corner.  At this point, I realized she was wanting someone to sleep with her again.  Not just anyone, but my husband was who she wanted.  I laughed.

She came in and asked again for someone to come sleep with her.  Laughing in my head, I started going over the following conversation.

"No, Grandma.  You can't have my husband."
"Why not?"
"Because he is mine and not yours."

I broke away from my train of thought when I realized she was making her way into the bedroom barely dressed.  Terry was on the other side of the bed with his head in the iPad and not paying any attention to what was going on in his environment. 

I ordered Grandma to go to bed.  I told her that I was sleeping in the back room with Terry.  She then said there was not enough room in that bed for both of us.  I told her to go to bed again.  She slowly turned around and left the room.  I turned to Terry and told him that she wanted him!  He laughed and reminded me of how lonely she must be.  Then it hit me, imagine not knowing who anyone is when you look at them.  They seem familiar but yet you can't identify them.  Then imagine your brain forgetting what behaviors are appropriate and inappropriate.  Dementia plays cruel tricks on your mind.  Grandma's mind is telling her that she needs a man to fill the loneliness, not in a bad way.  Her mind tells her a man is protection and comfort.  Considering the day and age that she grew up, she doesn't see women serving as protectors or ones that can call the police in emergency.  These are jobs for men, and a man was sleeping in her house but he wasn't where he could protect her.  

She came back again.  Terry quickly started calling me "honey" and "babe."  I started laughing at the way he was saying them so direct.  Grandma asked again.  I repeated myself and realized that puberty had arrived.  

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