Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Using Up Electricity

I had to be at a conference on Monday.  So, I stayed with Grandma Sunday night.  I had it in my mind that I would get a good night of sleep if I was to go on over and go to bed.  Of course, what I want to happen and what happens with Grandma are never the same.

Grandma was sitting in the living room reading the phone book when I arrived.  She was glad to see me.  She started in on how hard she worked all day.  I asked her what did she do.  She couldn't remember.  Then she looked at me and wanted to know where her sisters, Bessie Dee and Rosie Lee, were.  I told her they were at home.  She called me Audrey, her late sister.  I corrected her two or three times on who I was.  She told me to quit playing silly games with her.  I finally gave in and started calling her Lucille.

I took her teeth and hid them in the bathroom for her.  She wanted me to quit playing games and go to bed.  I said ok.  I went to the back bedroom and started getting ready for bed.  She came in there and wanted me to come and listen to the birds.  They were driving her crazy and she couldn't get them to shut up.

I went in the kitchen and didn't hear any birds.  She told me to be quiet.  Then I heard a beep.  She said there is one.  I told her again I didn't hear any birds.  I heard the beep again.  She perked up and said crazy bird is beeping.  I realized it was the house alarm that was beeping.  The battery was slowly going dead and it starts beeping like a fire alarm when that happens.  I told her there was no birds.  She said I had to do something to get rid of them.  So, I went over to the door and acted like I was swatting at them and told her to go to bed.  You can wear yourself out swatting at imaginary birds.

I finally made it to the bedroom to lay down.  She came in several times.  She came in once to tell me that Gary did not tell her that I was coming.  It is rude for someone to come and stay at her house and not let her know in advance.  She wanted to know who gave me permission.  I told her Gary gave me permission.  She asked if he had any manners.  I just chuckled to myself.

She came in again and wanted me to turn everything off.  She could hear everything in her room.  So, I turned the muted iPad off and the lights.  She said that was much better.  Not only can my grandma see the electricity being used, but now she can hear it!  

I finally dozed off around 11:30 or so.  I heard her around 12:30 yelling in the hallway.  

"Ellis, turn everything off and go to bed."  (Ellis was my grandfather.)
"Ok" was my reply.

Grandma's AC went out last week.  Probably from the fact, she turns if off and on all day long.  So, I had to sleep all night with out it.  I had the ceiling fan going and the two extra fans in the room running.  I had all three on for noise to drown out Grandma and to keep me cool.  Some time in the night, Grandma managed to come in the room and turn everything off.  I am guessing she didn't see me in the bed.  I woke up around 3:00 sweating to death.  Ninja Grandma has returned.

I headed out the next morning around 7:30.  Grandma's door was open and she was sleeping away.  I told my dad later all the stuff she did all night.  He commented that all she had done that morning was sleep.  Well, of course, she is sleeping.  If you stayed up all night worrying about all the electricity your granddaughter is using in the back room and turning off every little thing, wouldn't you sleep your days away too!

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