Wednesday, October 3, 2012

False Teeth Hunting Season Open

After my conference, I had planned on staying with Grandma, but I was wiped out.  So, I called Daddy to tell him that I wasn't going to make it.

Dad asked, "C, where are you?  I mean which way are you going home?  Oh well, never mind."

Don't you love it when someone starts to ask you a question, then they expect the worse, and answer their own question?

I replied "I'm still close by if you need me to do something."

"Well, she has lost her teeth again.  I stayed last night and put them up when she went to bed.  I left out early, and she got back up and came in and got them."

"Ok.  I will go teeth hunting."

I showed up at Grandma's house 30 minutes later to find her sitting in the kitchen reading the phonebook again.  I don't really understand the phonebook reading scenario.  Probably, something I need investigate.  :)

I told her I was there to find her teeth.  She said she didn't realize they were lost.  Then she touched her mouth and realized she didn't have them in her mouth.

So, I started hunting.  When Grandma hides her teeth, you have no time to spare.  You have to get over their within the next day to find them.  It is like knowing that big buck is close and  you have to get to your deer stand as quick as possible because he is close by and you are going to miss him.  Well, hunting Grandma's teeth is similar.  You know she has hid them somewhere close because she came in the middle of the night and got them.  She didn't leave the house, so, they have to be in the bedrooms or bathroom.  Those teeth are hid close by and you have to get to your hunting station quick or you are going to miss them.  Because if you wait two or three days, Grandma will come in and find her teeth and hide them somewhere else and you will have to hunt harder for that big set of teeth that you are needing to find!

I hunted all over the bedroom.  I found sacks of books and magazines stuffed under the bed along with several kitchen items.  She had also hid the cassette tapes in various  spots in the bedroom.  Heaven forbid, someone steal Conway Twitty singing I'll Fly Away.  I searched both bedrooms and then the bathroom.  She came in several times to tell me to leave her stuff alone.

I finally found them in a cup in the bathroom cabinet.  I had to reach in the back of the cabinet to get them out.  I scraped my arm on a wire or something.  So, I had went into the thicket and got the prize and came out with just a small scratch.

She came in and wanted to know if I knew where Gary was.  I told her that he was at work.  She said she needed to call him.  I gave her teeth to her.  She was glad I found them.

We went in the kitchen to call Daddy.  She picked up the phone and wanted to know where he was.  He assured her that he was coming in as soon as he got off work.  She was a little lost when she talked to him.  She thought she was in Dermott.  Dermott is where she grew up.  Daddy reassured her that she was at home.  I told her to tell him that we found her teeth.  She looked at me confused.  She said "Carole Anne has something to tell you."

Here is how that conversation went:

"I found her teeth."
Daddy:  "Great"
Grandma (not on the phone..listening to me talk): "You found my teeth.  Well, where are they?"

Daddy laughing.

"In your mouth, Grandma."
"Oh my goodness.  They sure are."
Daddy was still laughing.
I was shaking my head.

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