Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cherished Moments

This is not going to be a typical post from me.  I know you are probably wanting a good story about Grandma.  I could tell you about my grandmother looking like a gnome and picking up pecans everywhere in the neighborhood.  Simply, because she has this "squirrel" mentality to collect all the pecans she can and store them for the winter.  She has even went out in the street because a few fell in the middle of the road.

This blog is more about what moments like this is all about.  We are born and raised and our parents take care of us day after day.  Then one day, we leave home and our parents have to take care of their parents.  I know you know all this.  But here is my point....I know how lucky I am to have both of my grandmothers even if one is crazy and the other one...well, I will just are lucky to get a word in with her.  And she may be small in stature but her faith is huge!

Back to my point, cherish the moments you have with your grandparents, parents, or any family member.  Cherish those memories when you have to go and find their teeth, because they have no idea what cup they have put them in or what cabinet.  Love the minutes that you sit with them and answer the same question over and over.

I got upset with myself this past week.  I didn't cherish moments with  my grandfather.  I spent time with him.  I would go and talk to him and listen to him go on about World War II, but I took him for granted.  I guess I thought he would live forever.  He was 92 when he passed and what a blessing to have him for so many years in my life.  I never spent the nights with him like I am now with Grandma.  I didn't take him dinners or get on to him for wearing Grandma's teeth to make her mad.  And now, I wish I had spent those moments with him. So, treasure these moments and memories.

I lost a friend this past week.  She was young at 48.  She should have had many, many years to spend with her family, but cancer took her life.  She cherished every last moment with her family.  She made every one of them count.  She didn't let cancer defeat her in any way.  She was in so much pain, but went to a football game to watch her daughter march.  When the doctor's told her that she didn't have much longer, the family loaded up and went to Branson.  Her family cherished every moment.

So, if you are lucky to have a grandparent still living as I am, then go spend time with them and treasure every last minute you have with them.  Believe me, she has been a handful.  And over the years, has said a few things that she probably shouldn't have said to family.  But she is still family.....My family.

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