Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quick Recap

Summer 2012...Grandma is still going strong.  Daddy took her to a family reunion a couple of weeks ago and to visit Grandpa's grave.  Grandma was wiped out from the day of events.  On the way home, she asked Daddy..."Who's funeral was that we attended today?"  He reminded her that it was a family reunion.

About two weeks ago, she lost her teeth.  Daddy called me to come over and hunt them down.  I looked everywhere and couldn't find them.  So, my mother being very blunt and bold with Grandma takes the entire group of grandkids to her house.  She walks in with all of them and tells them to find Grandma's teeth.  Seeing this group of crazy kids running through her house caused Grandma to go into a slight panic.  She realized quickly that they were going through all of her stuff.

Mom went to the back room to watch Molly and Jayce.  Grandma went out the back door and then walked back in with her teeth.  So, now we are wondering...if we take crazy kids...will crazy Grandma remember more?  hmmmm

Grandma has good days and bad days at this point.  You never know if you are going to show up on a good day or a bad day.  I showed up on a good day and it turned into a bad day about a month ago.  Here is how it all went down....

Mom and Dad went to a family reunion in Tennessee.  They took Pidge and went to visit all the Greenways.  I went over to take care of Grandma.  I get there and we had a great time visiting and talking about Grandpa.  She was so excited that I was staying with her.  Then she got to asking about Gary (my dad).  I told her that he was out of town with Brenda for the night.  Then she went into this long spill about how they got married behind her back and had been living together for over 40 years and no one told her.  :)

Mom posted pictures of the family reunion.  So, I shared them with Grandma on the iPad.  She was fascinated that we could hold the tv in our hands.  She caught on quickly to moving the photos and zooming in.  I showed her a group photo of everyone at the reunion.  Then she spotted Daddy.  She said..."isn't that Gary?"  I said yes.  She said..."I knew it!  He didn't tell me he was going to be gone and  in another state."  Then the night went down hill from there.  She went on and on until almost 11:00 that night about how she was going to get ahold of Daddy and give him a good chewing.  She said that was so unlike him going over into another state and not telling her.  She finally calmed down and went to bed.

Many things have happened over the last year.  I haven't had time to write all of them.  This is just a few in the last couple of weeks.  So, until the next time...which I promise will not be as long.

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