Sunday, June 17, 2012

Calling In The Troops

When you can't find something or do something, your last resort is to call in backup.  Grandma lost her teeth again.  Daddy called me this morning to come help find them.  I told him that I had a pair but I didn't know whose?.  How many of you have a spare pair of teeth in your house?  Well, I do for the occasions that Grandma's loses both pairs of teeth that she owns and can't keep in her mouth.

Well, I couldn't get to grandma's today, but I sent the troops.  Kiley, Shelby and Molly!  They went to Grandma's house and proceeded to go through all of her stuff.  Grandma usually cannot stand for people to go through all of her stuff.  The last time we called the troops in, she ran and put her teeth in.  She hadn't lost them, she just needed someone to trigger her memory.

This time, Grandma loved that everyone was at her house.  No teeth and a happy grandma!

Kiley is spending the night with her tonight.  She has been staying with Grandma off and on for a couple of months now.  Grandma loves sitting with Kiley and talking about clothes, shoes, and what she is doing.  We thought it was weird that Grandma hit it off with Kiley so easily.  Then, she started calling Kiley-"Carole Anne."  Things were made clear.

Kiley said that Grandma fell yesterday and is hurting tonight.  Nothing major, just some bumps and bruises.

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