Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lights! Camera! Action!

I didn't realize that it has been 2 months since I posted.  So, here it goes.

Grandma has been being really good about giving her teeth to daddy every night before she goes to bed.  It is almost like we have trained her.   Dad walks in the door.  Talks to her a few minutes and hands him her teeth. She is convinced that Daddy keeps them under lock and key.  We have had a few times that she has lost them.

The other night, I went to her house to install some cameras.  Daddy told me that she had misplaced her teeth.  So, I started looking in all the bedrooms.  I found crackers hid in the bathroom.  I found a bowl of pecans (some open and ready to eat) in her bedroom closet.  I found some of her favorite dishes hidden under her bed.  Still hiding all of thing she is afraid someone is going to take.

I finally found her teeth in the kitchen cabinet with the regular dishes.  Her teeth were in a small cup of water.  Daddy would have never found them.  The teeth blended in with the color of the glass and they were behind a half eaten bag of snickers.  hmmm.....Wonder why?

That same night, Grandma kept telling me how daddy comes over and sleeps in the backroom.  She went on to tell me that my grandpa hasn't slept with her in months.  Really?  It has been almost a year since the funeral.  So, Grandma asked me if I would stay and sleep with her.  OMG...NO!!!!  I was laughing so hard inside.  I calmly told her I couldn't and that daddy was coming in a little bit to stay in the back bedroom.  That is when she got confused again on who "daddy" was.  She thought "daddy" was my grandpa.  I had to remind her that grandpa was dead once again.

So, the main reason I went over there was for my mom.  Mom found a way to keep an eye on Grandma.  She found a video camera that can run over the wifi in the Grandma's house.   We are able to watch her from our iPhones, iPads, or laptops. With the cameras, she can keep an eye on Grandma 24 hours a day.  No, we don't have one in her bedroom.

It is interesting to watch Grandma during the day.  She works nonstop all day long.  I watch her on occasion because I get curious about what she is doing during the day.  We have motion detection on one camera.  Today alone, Grandma went in and out her carport door over 56 times!!!!  Why?  Who knows?

Funny things have happened since we got the cameras.  Last week, I was home and decided to see what Grandma did all day.  I was going through the videos when I see the police show up at her door.  A few minutes later, they left.  So, I immediately called mom.  Mom said "The police came to the house after they couldn't reach my dad on the phone.  They asked Grandma if she called.  She said no."  Heart stopping stuff !!!  LOL

It is like the movie "The Truman Show."  Mom sits at home all day and watches Grandma.  She knows the cameras are in the house, but she can't remember they are there. She moves constantly all day long.  She is either moving all her dishes to different parts of the house, or she is rummaging through all the drawers in her kitchen.  When you see the police or firemen show up at her house, you sit on the edge of your seat wondering what happened.

Until next time...Lights! Camera! just never know what you are going to see at Grandma's house.


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