Saturday, November 24, 2012

Squirrel Mentality

Have you ever caught yourself sitting in your driveway and watching squirrels play in your yard?  Maybe running across your roof?  Maybe you have seen them sitting in your yard eating an acorn or nut they have found.  Squirrels are intriguing animals.  They hunt for nuts in the summer and fall and bury them in places that their tiny brains will remember.  Then they live off their buried treasure during the winter months.  Spring is hard on squirrels.  According to Wikipedia, the nuts that they have buried begin to sprout and they can no longer eat them.

Security System in place.
I stayed with Grandma last night.  She has lost her teeth, not one set but both sets of teeth.  I was to spend my night with her looking for her teeth.  I geared up with a flashlight. I searched from one room to the next.  Grandma knew what I was doing.  She has gotten so use to me looking that she just goes to bed and doesn't care anymore when I am looking for her teeth.  I opened every drawer in the bedrooms.  I hunted under every piece of furniture.  I pulled everything out of cabinets in the bathrooms.  I did not find any teeth.  To say I was disappointed was an understatement.  I was hoping to find her teeth.  I was hoping she would have them for Thanksgiving.  She really needs them in order to enjoy the meal on Thursday.

What I did find was pecans, pecans, pecans, and more pecans.  For you see, dementia has turned my dear grandmother into a squirrel.  She gets up in the morning and stays all day in the yard looking and picking up pecans.  Then she finds bowls, trash cans, buckets, or bags to keep them.  After she works for hours on end picking up pecans, she then spends time in hiding them and burying her treasure in her home.  She hides them in closets, under beds, in the towels in the bathroom, and in the old record player in her room.  I found a pan of them in the microwave, dishwasher, and stove.

I have yet to figure out why Grandma has to hide everything especially the pecans.  I asked her what she was going to do with them.  I was expecting her to say that she was going to eat them but she said give them away or sell them.  hmmm...So, that is exactly what I did.  I gave them away. 

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