Saturday, August 11, 2012

Let's Go Get Gary!

The night with Grandma was fairly calm.  You could tell that being with out Daddy around, that she was growing more anxious.

I brought her some Mac and Cheese.  She wholeheartedly ate every last bit of it.  We still had a few gnats from the dishwasher/fig incident.  We visited and discussed the same questions.

I received a phone call from my husband and went to the living room to talk to him.  She joined me after she finished cleaning the dishes.  We discussed why I was there and not Daddy.  I told her Daddy needed to be with Brenda.  She went into another orbit.  Who is Brenda?  When did he get married?  He never mentions her.

I really wasn't sure what to say, but I went into how Brenda is mean and wants Daddy to stay with her. Grandma said she knew what that meant.  The whole idea of discussing my parents took an awkward turn and I tried to change the subject.  I wanted to tell her that they have already been together and that is how I am here.  Of course, the whole "Who's Your Daddy?"  conversation would have started once again.  Then, She wanted to know where the "others" were that were like Gary.  Others?  I said Randall and Brent.  She responded with a nod.  I told her they were with their families.

This conversation repeated itself several times until I finally got tired and told her I was going to bed.  She agreed and got up to put all the chairs  in place.  Two chairs placed under the knob at the back door, and four at the garage door.  Before she put the garage door chairs in place, she went out and walked around my van.  She peeked in the windows and stood there studying it for a minute or two.

She called Daddy before we finally settled down.  I don't know how the conversation started.  I know Daddy told her that Brenda wanted him at home.  And I heard Grandma say, "Well, I guess I should just shut up then."  And with that comment, she slammed the phone down.

Around 9:00, she came in my room and calmly sat on the bed.  I just knew I was in trouble.  She looked at me and said that Gary needed to get home.  This whole idea of him being married was crazy. She then looked me in the eyes and said, "I could drive your van and we could go get Gary."

"Drive my van?"
"Yes, let's go get Gary."
"No, Grandma. Go to bed."
"I need to get him out of that mess he is into over there."
"Grandma, it is ok.  Go to bed."
"No, he is suppose to be here and I want to peek in the windows and see what is so important that he can't come home."
"No, Grandma. "

After a few minutes of this banter, she looked at me one more time and said, "Let's go get Gary.  You can drive."

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