Sunday, February 17, 2013

Going Crazy with Sundowners

Well, here it is February.  Grandma is still going strong.  For around three months, we have been missing the second pair of teeth.  Shelby, my 15 year old, was cleaning her room last week and opened an old suitcase.  As she emptied the contents, she noticed something in the bottom.  It was a plastic bowl with a lid, and there was Grandma's second pair of teeth.  She freaked.  Her friend freaked. They had to call me and I freaked.  I mean really, how often do you find a pair of teeth in your room.

We had a long weekend.  I ended up staying with Grandma.  As luck would have it, her sundowners was in rare form last night.  We went over around 5:30 to put her teeth up.  Shelby insisted on going in and getting them.  Shelby ran in and Grandma ran out.  She was fully dressed in her Sunday best.  She was carrying to pans and three lids.  She got to the van and started handing them to me.  I asked what are you doing.  She said she needed to get home and get out of there.  I looked at her and said you are home.  She looked around and said it again.  I said no and told her where she was once again.  It started sinking in and she started realizing that she was really home.  Shelby and I walked her back in the house.  Of course, she had every dish, pot, pan, lid, cup, and bowl out of her cabinets.  All her china was out on the hutch.  She was moving and I was going to take her home in her mind. 

She was adamant about me getting back in the house.  So, I looked at her and told her we needed to hide her teeth and then I would come back to spend the night with her.  She didn't want to hide them.  She just wanted to go home.  I asked her if she recognized me.  She said "Yes, you are Carole Anne.  I'm not crazy."  Well, maybe not in her world, but in mine...Grandma you are off the charts right now.

We finally go the teeth and hid them safely in the back bathroom in a coffee cup. 

To be continued.......

I apologize for not writing in January, but the girls have been taking turns spending the night with Grandma and I haven't had a chance.

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